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"How To Make A Lot More Money With 'On Location' Portraits - Without The Actual Expense Of A Location"

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As a portrait photographer, you know the limitations you face if you want to shoot the kind of unique photos that get you the lion's share of portrait business. Your background!

You can only buy so many muslin backgrounds - they cost money and they take up room. So, you end up with the same boring backgrounds in your portraits that all the other studios offer. Why should anyone hire your studio?

Although you can shoot unique portraits in parks or in front of local landmarks, so can your competition. Also, you're always at the mercy of the weather. Nothing to get you running around in a panic like a rainstorm approaching, just as you finish setting up all your equipment in a park and the wedding couple is late arriving.

There's only one easy way to shoot unique, interesting portraits - the kind of photographs that will bring tons of business your way: Green screen! No longer just for motion picture studios with big budgets, green screen is now available to anyone with a computer. Recent developments have not only made the software very affordable, but also easy to use. For small studios and wedding photographers this is no longer just a dream.

Using your FREE copy of "How To Use Green Screen To Increase Your Photo Business Profits", you can soon be placing wedding couples in romantic locations anywhere in the world.

How To Use Green Screen To Increase Your Photo Business Profits

This illustrated guide (free of charge for a limited time) will show you how you can use green screen to get a lot more business with unique portrait photography. Discover the possibilities and how easy it is to use green screen software.

Green Screen BenefitsSave money without the cost of a bunch of muslin backgrounds or an exotic location, you can trim your costs and increase your profits. In fact, with your unique portrait service, you'll also be able to charge more for your photography.


Green Screen BenefitsGet more clients by being able to offer the extra service of unlimited backgrounds (not even the moon is the limit), you can provide unique and interesting portraits that will get you lots of word-of-mouth business. Soon clients will be seeking you out.


Green Screen BenefitsMake your job easier with no more lugging equipment to a local park. No more fretting about those rain clouds on the horizon. Simply shoot in the comfort of your studio and add the "location" on your computer.

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